Recipes and Tips

Tips are on this page.  For specific recipes go to soup recipes, sauce recipes
gravy recipes.  
  Substitute the liquid in which vegetables are cooked for the water in the FFF directions.  The
nutritional value will be increased.

Pureed vegetables may be added to the prepared FFF mixes to increase thickness and nutrition.

These mixes make interesting sauces for veggies and meats.   

Use juices from cooked meats, instead of the water in the heating instructions, to increase flavor and

Cooked broccoli, or other cooked vegetables, added to the prepared cream soup mix results in a
great soup. Use the liquid from cooking the vegetables, instead of the water called for in the heating
instruction, for more nutrition and a different flavor.

Leftover vegetables, as well as those freshly cooked, may be  placed in the FFF gravies to make
stews.  Add meats as desired.  

Use the FFF gravies to make hot sandwiches.

Add less liquid to the FFF beef soup mix to create your own  Au jus.  

FFF Alfredo and cheese sauces dress up vegetables.  They are delicious over gluten-free pasta and

Use FFF mushroom sauce in your favorite casseroles and cream of mushroom  recipes.

These soup, gravy and sauce mixes freeze and thaw well.  

The cheese sauce is really good as a dip and with Mexican recipes.  
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