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NEW!  FOOD SERVICE PACKS are available for all 10 mixes in addition to our original retail size.
They are handy for family recipes, delis and restaurants
. The bags make from 1/2 to 1 gallon
each of soup, gravy or sauce.  Or follow directions to  make one serving at a time!  They are
freeze/thaw stable so you can make up a recipe and freeze portions for reheating later.  Buy
them online and at stores listed under 'purchase products'.

The University of Chicago Celiac Disease Center's  Annual Free Celiac Blood Screenings occur
each October.   This Celiac Center is the  first of it's kind in the nation offering a comprehensive
approach to the disease and is excellent.   Learn more at

The American Celiac Disease Alliance has an online survey to find out who is providing lunch
for students with celiac disease.  The National School Lunch Program requires schools to meet
the needs of students with special dietary needs.  Is your school in compliance?
Latest research indicates one of every 100 people in the USA has celiac disease.  New
technology is helpful with diagnosis.

Italy compensates its citizens for celiac disease with an annual stipend.

Check your local library for the latest information on celiac issues.

The Celiac Disease Foundation of South Florida has a Gluten Free food Assistance Program.
The group provides monetary help to families meeting federal income guidelines. Columbia
University's Celiac Disease Center estimates gluten-free groceries cost 79% more than their

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